When you are on vacation, people might want to escape from their home country in order to relax from working pressure. They might plan to have a trip to different countries by planes. Although they can visit many countries in a shorter time, it makes a sense of “rush” in their vacation, which they do not like. In order to avoid the “rush” feeling, people are encouraged to join cruise during vacation. In addition, travelling shall be tired for old people. That is totally different in cruise. Old people will not feel tired, because they are travelling in the most relax environment.

 Advantages of Cruise

Cruise is a trip that allows people to visit different countries on the same boat. If people enjoy sea view, they can see the sea view in different moment, which shall make them relax and escape from any working pressure. This is a total different travel experience from vacation by planes. In addition, cruise is a good travel experience that the trip is planned already, the boat will travel to a sequence of countries per the plan. People do not need to spend extra time to plan their trip. They can save much time to enjoy the great travel experience of sea view. However, if people want to have some freedom to tailor made their vacation; cruise can give room for you to plan. For instance, the trip involves the visit of different countries. It will stop one or two days in those countries. Therefore, people can do some sightseeing on those locations. If people have already planned where they would like to go, they can enjoy their vacation effectively. In addition, some cruise is specially designed for specific theme. For instance, there is cruise designed for the lasers show in Hong Kong, “A Symphony of Lights”. Therefore, visitors can enjoy the lasers show on the boat, and also have buffet dinner and music show together.

 Facilities on Cruise

Most cruises offer the first-class accommodations, facilities and services.The recreational facilities include swimming pool, Jacuzzi, jogging track, sauna, fitness room, hair salons, beauty salons, karaoke, movie theaters, as well as a world-class dance staged performance hall. There are also facilities for children such as the enjoyable electronic games room and children’s activity center. In addition cruises have a lot of wonderful restaurants, which provides all kinds of food, from Chinese cuisine to Japanese food; from buffet to steak. People shall find the suitable cuisine, which suits their need. One of the attracting locations is the dance staged performance hall. Because people can enjoy the show every night, and have good experience with good friends and parents. The show involves a large variety such as music show, dance performance, and circus. Some cruise can even have casino. People can go to the casino every day. They can enjoy all their time in the casino, and they do not need to worry how to go back home. All rooms and suites in cruise are tastefully decorated, in order to provide elegance and luxury comfort.