Cruise travel


its Requirements and Benefits

A cruise is the name given to a sea journey which commences and terminates at the same port (sometimes however, they end at different ports). Cruise ship docks at various small destinations along its way and allows the people to visit and enjoy new places. The journey itself is very entertaining with small festivals and concerts being organized on the deck throughout. A cruise vacation is a must for all the sea lovers; people enjoy an adventurous journey amidst bouncing waves and salt-tinged air. Cruise travel is a perfect holiday for a family and an ideal way to get acquainted with the marine life.

Requirements of Cruise travel:

It is necessary to have proper authorization before getting on a Cruise ship. According to the Caribbean policy, following documents are a must for Cruise vacation:

1. In case of U.S ports: U.S and Canadian citizens should have their passports and Trusted Travel Documents. If the Cruise ends at the point of origin, then the traveler can show any authorized identification like a driver’s license. Children under 16 can show their birth certificate or certificate of nationality for clearance. Permanent U.S and Canadian residents on Cruise travel must take their resident cards and passports from home country along. Any tourist or visitor who is not a resident of the United States of America or Canada must provide VISA as a proof of the legal travel into the country otherwise he will get arrested.

2. In case of non-U.S ports: only a VISA and passport from home country is required. Sometimes a proof of physical and mental fitness may be demanded. Some ports also check vaccination records to ensure that no epidemic gets to their customers.

Benefits of Cruise travel over other Vacations:

Cruises are always fun to go on. A lot of companies have sprung up all around the globe which seduce you into getting on the ship and enjoying Cruise travel. Some of the advantages of a cruise vacation on other vacations include:

1. It is totally affordable. Per person cost is much less, even the plane ticket exceeds it! So even if you haven’t saved a lot of cash for a good holiday, you can still enjoy your off days to the fullest by hopping onto a cruise ship.

2. Several varieties of ships are available. It means you can opt for the one that suits your requirements. For example, if you have little kids you should make reservations on a ship with attached child care facility, honeymooners should go for an all-adult cruise, and teenagers should look for attaching clubs and so on.

3. Cruise travel is fun! With waves splashing beneath you, winds sweeping your hair and courteous crew at your service, it is hard not to enjoy yourself. Lavishly furnished suites and scrumptious meals make the entire prospect even more splendid.

4. Many exciting vacations get annoying when one has to stop on every other road and ask for directions. This is not a problem on a Cruise where the captain of the ship knows his way well enough and uses his experience to steer the ship through the body of the vast sea lying below.

Instead of going on the same boring vacations every year, it is better to plan something different and adventurous; Cruise travel is what you need!