Cruise Vacations


their Merits and De-merits

With modern civilization thriving all around, people have started to develop a taste for new and exciting things. Adventure is now appealing to most minds and so is the joy of trying something different. As this thought prevailed among mankind and grew roots, the fame of Cruise vacations rocketed upwards. Cruise vacation in simple words is a holiday spent on deck. Your ship travels through many tiny towns, docks there temporarily and gives you the chance of visiting these new exciting places. The entire journey generally takes not more than 3-10 days at the end of which Cruise vacations end either at the same port or at some other beautiful place; the final destination like Hawaii, Canada, etc.

Merits of Cruise Vacations:

1. You don’t have to work on holidays. You don’t have to cook, clean, drive. All this basic stuff is dealt by the responsible ship crew who are very friendly and eager to please you.

2. It is very economical. Overall cruise trip costs much less and is a perfect option if you are looking for fun and relaxation at modest rates.

3. Journey is very enjoyable. You can socialize with people from all over the world, enjoy in your suite or stand in the moonlight on deck. The cool breeze on your face and smell of sea are a perfect way to soothe a tired mind.

4. Cruise vacations are full of adventurous activities which can be availed free or cost or at a very minimal sum! This includes the exciting rock climbing, mini comedy theatres and sports like basketball and golf.

5. It is a perfect hang-out for liquor lovers. Exotic beers and aged wines are available at only a fraction of their ordinary price. These can be bought and consumed at will. It is advisable to go through the terms and conditions as a few cruises might demand a liquor license.

De-Merits of Cruise Vacations:

1. Cruise vacations have the problem of making people sea-sick. This is usually seen in people who also have road sickness; they tend to vomit when driving through hilly areas. Sea-sickness is a very unpleasant sensation in which the head of the patient appears to be ‘floating’ and he feels constantly nauseated. Sometimes the condition is severe enough to demand medical attention.

2. Although the cruise travel itself is affordable, person is required to spend a lot of extra cash. After the ship docks at one destination, all the money spent during sightseeing and in activities like horse-riding, etc come from the person’s own pocket and are additional to the charges of cruise vacation.

3. They are not available everywhere. Due to the ‘closed loop’ nature of the travel, only a few coasts around the world offer this adventurous experience. The flight charges from your home country to such coasts may itself be too high to afford.

4. Prices vary a lot. Sometimes the price changes during the travel so that at the end the person has to pay more than he originally agreed for.

Like all tours, this one too has both pros and cons. Success lies in balancing the two so that the Cruise Vacation can be enjoyed to the fullest.