Silversea Cruises

International cruises are normally owned by multinational companies. However, the Silversea Cruises is owned and operated by one family — the Lefebvre’s of Rome. We directly imply a true Italian passion for embracing the best of life and commit to provide excellent and high quality of customer service and cruise experience.

The Silversea Cruises is famous to offer luxury cruise experience to the passengers. In the early 1990s, the Lefebvre family would like to launch unique, luxury cruise line, which shall be ultra-luxury segment compared with other cruises. In 1994, the Silversea launched the first ship, which focused on ultra-luxury travel market with a class of smaller, purpose-built vessels that could slip into more exotic ports off the beaten path.

Unlike other luxurious cruises, the Silversea Cruises focused only on fewer guests that would like to have more space and the highest levels of personalized service. The ships from the Silversea Cruises have the largest accommodations at sea, which are featuring with private verandas. Therefore, guests can enjoy the beautiful sea view. With the tailor-made butler service, we shall address your concern.

Dining is an important aspect from the Silversea Cruises. We offer the open-seating options so you can choose when, where and with whom you desire to dine. Although our ships are smaller than others, the Silversea Cruises has comprehensive amenities usually found only on larger ships, such as an elaborate show lounge featuring nightly entertainment, casino, and state-of-the-art spa and fitness facilities. As the market leader in the ultra-luxury cruise segment, we offer all-inclusive pricing and an unmatched on board lifestyle. Therefore, the Silversea Cruises is the suggested cruise for modern affluent travelers.

The Silversea Cruises has already launched several famous cruises, such as Silver Cloud in 1994, Silver Wind in 1995, Silver Shadow in 2000 and Silver Whisper in 2001. However, our momentum never stops. In 2008, the Silversea Cruises is pleased to introduce Silversea Expeditions aboard the Silver Explorer, offering the signature Silver sea luxury and bribing different cruise experience. In late 2009, the Silversea Cruises launched the beautiful new flagship, Silver Spirit. In 2011, her name changed to Silver Explorer illustrating the unique luxury and the adventurous style of cruising to this vessel. With all the cruise ships, they provide an expansive schedule of worldwide voyages that traveling to all seven continents.

The Silversea Cruises are based in Monaco, and with branch offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Singapore.